Project Nature

A full range of innovative products with a refined and functional touch


S.T.A soluzioni has matured its long experience in the design and the process of plastic materials.


In the last years, “Progetto Natura” has treasured this high- quality professionalism to create a complete collection of accessories for small pets breeding.


A full range of innovative products with a refined and functional touch , and a careful attention to every single detail may satisfy any demand in a more and more selective and demanding market.


Progetto Natura loves and understand pets since it began with a scrupulous observation of their habits and needs in their natural environment in order to offer the best comfort in a domestic world.

All of our products are suitable for food because they are made with non-toxic pigments and materials.

S.T.A soluzioni has grouped its products in 4 catalogues following the daily habits of our pet friends, in which you can find a vast range of accessories that will satisfy your and their needs.


S.T.A. Solution S.r.l. is a 100% made in Italy company which is born by inventing and designing everything needed for ornithology and its breeding.

Functionality and design are our goals: the meticulous observation in nature of animals’ habits and the interaction with experts have generated a unique and complete collection, rich in content appreciated all over the world.

Everything is entirely produced and stored in the head office to be able to promptly react to the demands of our customers. All the articles in the catalog are always available immediately also for large volumes supplies.

Respect for animals’ well-being completes our mission, making always more comfortable bird’s habitat spaces and using only non-toxic raw materials completely recyclable with reusable packaging, bearing our brand.

S.T.A. a twenty-year history of continuous growth and development.

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